Are Examination necessary?

  • Student’s performance is based on examinations
  • Examinations make students work hard
  • Examination helps teachers and parents in accessing the student’s calibre.
  • Calibre (n) = ability The school will only hire teachers of the highest calibre
  • eg. assessing the student’s calibre
  • Students at a young age feel tension and stress of examinations
  • Leaking of question papers, copying and cheating in examination halls have become a common affair.
  • Bribery and other corruption practices also have crept into the examination system.
  • to bribe so with sth to keep quiet
  • The educational system should not only be theoretical or academic but also practical.
  • The aim of education should be to equip the student for the tough battle of life, build his character and personality, widen his sphere (range of interest)of knowledge and qualify him for employment.
  • Failure in the examinations arouses a feeling of low self-esteem (opinion of one’s own character and abilities) and negative self-image in the mind of the students.
  • Examinations would remain a part and parcel of the education system. Periodic tests will be held at frequent intervals. The syllabus would include practice exercises at the end of each lesson. This will help student in grasping the subject matter properly