Cooking and diet theme

Oh, dear

I have to do my own cooking or anything like that

It’s not as boring as you’d think (nó chẳng như mày nghĩ đâu)

It’s not like you’d think (nó không như mày nghĩ đâu)

Anyway I bet there are a few things you didn’t know about bananas (tao cá độ)

bananas were among the first plants ever to be domesticated (du nhập)

the culture I bet was domesticated (domesticated culture: du nhập văn hóa)

ripe (adj) <> green

to ripen: You can ripen the fruit by placing it in a paper bag and storing it at room temperature for a few days

Attempt to help you, the students of this university to stay healthy while coping with study and social life at the same time. = maintain a healthy lifestyle

It’s a great pleasure for me to welcome back Mr. Name: thật là hân hạnh cho tôi khi chào đón vị khách quý.

who is professional dietitian = a health expert

and who has been kind enough to give up her time, dành thời gian quý báu của cô ấy

in what I know is a very hectic schedule, to come along and talk to us today

May I say it’s a pleasure to be back:

Now, stresses at university, being away from home and having to look after yourselves, learning your way around the campus all contribute to making it quite hard sometimes to ensure that your diet is adequate.

So today I’m going to talk about ways of making sure that you eat well while at the same time staying within your budget = sensible eating

To try to avoid as much as possible

To eat in moderation = eat not too much

To eat lots of


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