English practise

It’s lovely, everything is in the right place and I finally have an en suite (The bathroom is en suite) Is everything in the right place? (mọi thứ đâu vào đấy roi phải không??)

a rambunctious, out-of-control bunch = huyen nao, mat trat tu

I am always sick with worry thinking you can hear me screaming at the kids. We are so feral (hung dữ, dữ tợn)
And I would say: “same, same, same”

I don’t want to cast aspersions or anything (noi xau or vu khong: to cast aspersions on s.o)

Would you stop swinging that poor dog on the hammock? (would you stop: may co ngung khong)

Don’t leave your toys outside, who do you think will bring them in later? (who do you think will do: may nghi ai se lam)

A perennial favourite “Dinner’s ready”, followed five minutes later with, “Dinner’s ready, and if I have to say it one more time I’m feeding it to the dogs” (sounds like Vietnamese saying)

I realize I sound like a tired old witch (Toi noi nhu la mot mu phu thuy gia)

It’s not always that good to hear your neighbors, their loud conversation or their quiet ones.

and sometimes it’s not that good to hear their just-plain-quiet (completely quiet)

It took me ages to work out whether my mind was playing tricks on me. (she couldn’t think clearly, choi kham, choi xo ai)

My view – The weekly review


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